About Us

your mine and theirs

Dave and Cheri Owners of Your Mine and Theirs

Dave and Cheri owners Yours Mine and Theirs
and Bert our Greeter.

Bert Greeter at Yours Mine and Theirs

We would like to welcome you to come in and see our new products
We have taken over the business from the previous tenants

After a lot of cleanup and repairs we have reopened the business

YoursMineTheirs logo

For Consignment, Retail and Thrift products
We are now taking in spring and summer items

15 items max at a time
There is a 60-40 split on sale

After 30 days from being out there is 10 % off
After 60 days, there is 20%off
After 90 days, there is 50% off
Indicated by our tag system

Items will then be donated to various charities
Unless otherwise specified